How To Use The Thermal Belt

☚ First, the “gel” is applied to the abdomen, waist and back، And any place on the body that you want to slim down like: Chest, butt, neck, shoulders، Shins thighs، The arms …Etc.

☚ Then wrapped with a thermal belt، After that, you practice any kind of strong sport or light sport, such as walking.

☚ The belt is worn only during sports، When the sport is finished, it must be removed.

☚ It is forbidden to wear the belt for more than two hours a day، It is designed to be worn for short periods.

☚ The result is shown on a weekly basis; until you reach the desired and desired result.

☚ It is forbidden to wear the belt all day or without exercise.

☚ The minimum duration of exercise with a thermal belt is half an hour and the maximum duration is two hours.

☚ Wear the belt on a daily basis with exercise, if this is not possible، Three times a week is the least.

☚ The result is certain and guaranteed, God willing.

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